I started Betsy Shiverick Interiors in 2003 after a wild and wonderful 21 year stint on Wall Street as a currency trader. Immediately upon retiring, I enrolled in the New York School of Interior Design and hung out my shingle. Projects were hard to come by for a newbie like me, but I luckily have my own houses to do and to redo and to experiment with. To my husband’s chagrin, I have an almost insatiable appetite to create simple, beautiful and comfortable surroundings. Our four children are grown and out of the house, but the dogs and cats have free roam. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

When it comes to my aesthetic, I like to make rooms look old and lived in from the start. Classical, elegant and warm. Antiques make up 90% of my furniture. (If you don’t like “brown “ furniture, I’m not your girl!) I’m a sucker for wood paneling, interesting moldings, Oriental rugs, sisal rugs, textiles of all kinds, bamboo, oil paintings, murals, white slip covered sofas with colorful pillows, striped wallpaper, any touches of Chinese or Moroccan, extra cosy beds, books and color. Oh, and plants... nothing finishes off a room better than colossal ferns and ficus trees! 

It begins and ends with high quality architectural elements and materials. Each piece I buy is specifically curated for its place. I literally scour the globe for antiques of distinction and purpose. Add old columns, doors, reliefs, moldings and flooring... the details make a difference. 

Where many design firms have a team of people working on a given project, I work alone. Clients of Betsy Shiverick Interiors get Betsy Shiverick. 

For me, it’s really not that complicated. If you put things you love in a room, it will be beautiful. Sourcing and arranging these things is my specialty.

Courtesy of  Palm Beach Post

Courtesy of Palm Beach Post